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Nearby Restaurants:

There are many nearby restaurants in Kissimmee to choose from, including: Carrabba's Italian Grill, Giordano's Pizzaria, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Friday's, Subway, Red Lobster, Bonefish Grill, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, Five Guys, Applebee's, Ponderosa Steak House, Caracker Barrel, Shoney's, Long Horn Steakhouse, Black Angus Steak House, and Chillis. 


Here are some great driving tip to get you through Florida!

The roads are wide and straight with the speed limit a relaxed 55mph.

Please note that you must be at least 21 years of age to hire a car in the US and local charges will apply to any driver is under 25. You need a full Driver's Licence or International driving licence to rent a car in the state of Florida. There is no minimum time for having had a licence. However, you must have your original with you, and if you have the new style photocard, both parts are required. A faxed copy is not acceptable.    

*  Make sure you are driving on the right hand side of the road 
* Be aware that traffic lights are suspended on wires above eye level    
* Right turns, unless otherwise stated, are permitted at a red light, but only if the way is clear and only after making a complete stop.  
* Street signs are small and suspended on wires. The street sign facing you at a junction is the name of the road you are crossing - not the one you are on. 
 * School Buses: On a two way street, cars travelling in both directions stop for a stationary school bus with flashing red lights and remain stopped until the bus moves on. This does not apply if you are driving in the opposite direction and there is a median separating the roads. 
* Most roads have numbers and names and run East / West / North / South.  

Driving Distances from Kissimmiee to Other Florida Area's Gulf Coast:
* Tampa: 90 miles * Clearwater: 105 miles * St Petersburg: 115 miles * Sarasota: 127 miles * Port Charlotte: 127 miles * Fort Myers: 160 miles * Naples: 187 miles * Marco Island: 202 miles * Everglades National Park: 290 miles   Gold Coast * Daytona: 55 miles * Miami: 229 miles * Fort Lauderdale: 209 miles * CocoaBeach: 50 miles * St Augustine: 90 miles  Florida Keys* Key Largo: 268 miles * Key West: 371 miles

Weather & Climate:

Spring (March to May): 
The temperature highs in the upper 80s but are cooler in the evenings. Lows possibly in the 50s. Plenty of sunshine but spring showers are common. Swimwear and light clothing for daytime, and a sweater may be required for the cooler evenings. 

Summer (June to September):
The daily temperatures are in the 90s with strong sunshine. Lows average in the 70s. Late afternoon thunderstorms are common and usually last an hour. Visit attractions early to avoid the midday heat, and return in the evening to enjoy the extended summer hours and nighttime shows. Light clothing and comfortable footwear a must! 

Autumn (October to Mid December):
This is ideal weather with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. An abundance of sunshine with some thunderstorms lasting around half an hour, before the sunshine resumes. Swimwear and light clothing for daytime and a sweater may be required for the evenings 

Winter (Mid December to February): 
Cooler Temperature between late December and January. Highs average in the 70s and Evening lows in the 50s. Swimwear and light clothing for warm afternoons. Warmer clothing and jackets for the cooler evenings 


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